The only place for gymnastic supplies in SoCal! We are a family owned and operated company, founded in 1958,
with an extensive range at low prices.
Frank Endo Gymnastics Chalk
  • Available for purchase by the pound
  • Also available as broken chalk
  • Crucial for gymnasts and can be used for rock climbers too

Premium Quality Gymnastic Supplies + Gymnastic Leotards Sold in Los Angeles

Frank Endo is a premium quality gymnastic supply store in Los Angeles. Train and perform like a gymnastic champion with Frank Endo’s gymnastic supplies and gymnastic leotards! We carry a wide variety of gymnastic supplies and accessories for gymnasts, wrestlers and dancers. Frank Endo is your one stop shop for all of your gymnastic and wrestling necessities.

Established in 1958, we are a successful family owned and operated gymnastic store that strives to offer our customers quality supplies for the lowest prices! Our supplies and accessories include: gymnastic chalk, handgrips and tape, wrestling headgear, singlets, mat cleaner, Capezio dance shoes, and much more! We cater our supplies to meet the needs of gymnasts, parents of gymnasts, wrestlers and dancers.

We are the only place for gymnastic supplies in the Southern California area. Frank Endo provides large inventory orders for affordable prices. We strive to find the lowest and most reasonable prices. Our supplies are made with premium quality material and are professionally manufactured for our athletes to perform at their best during both practice and competition.

We understand how hard our customers work to achieve excellence in the sport of gymnastics, wrestling and dance. Frank Endo is dedicated and passionate about supporting the growth of these sports through product development and excellent customer service. For questions regarding orders, products or return, please contact us. We are happy to help find and solve all of your gymnastic supplies necessities and desires! Frank Endo looks forward to serving you.