Frank Endo Provides Reliable Gymnastic Grips in Los Angeles

Frank Endo is a retail and wholesale sporting goods store located in Los Angeles, specializing in gymnastic supplies such as gymnastic grips. We strive to supply a wide assortment of gymnastic handgrips created with high quality material. Our handgrips are made to protect the hands of our athletes by minimizing rips, tears, blisters and calluses. Our handgrips are made for gymnastics but can also be used for other competitive sports such as strength training.

There are two types of gymnastic handgrips: Basic handgrips and Dowel handgrips. Basic grips (style A, B or C) are simply a flat piece of leather with two finger holes and fasten around the wrist with a buckle strap or Velcro. They are recommended for beginner gymnasts and first-time handgrip buyers so that they can get accustomed to wearing something they’ve never used before. Dowel-type grips are similar to that but also have a rubber dowel that's wrapped with leather, stitched and glued to the main piece of leather near the finger holes. Dowel grips are for more experienced gymnasts who are learning how to perform giant swings; usually at Level 4 or 5. There are different styles of dowel grips: One for girls' uneven bars, one for boys' high bar, and one for boys' rings. The difference is the shape of the leather and the diameter of the dowel.

Advice for Gymnastic Coaches: When you tell the parents of the gymnast to purchase gymnastic handgrips, please remember to tell them to also buy at least one pair of wristbands to protect their wrists from getting red scuffs or welts from the friction of the wrist straps! Often time, first-time grip buyers order handgrips but no wristbands, and subsequently have to place an order a second time to get wristbands. The smartest, most explicit coaches tell the parents to buy handgrips and wristbands together, so be a smart coach! The wristbands can be found near the bottom of this page.

Frank Endo’s top-quality gymnastic handgrips:

  • Basic Grips - 4 styles multiples sizes
  • Dowel Grips - 18 styles Velcro and buckle
  • Handgrip Wrist Bands - 6 styles multiple sizes
  • Wrist Supports - 2 styles and sizes